Project Specific Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

health-safety-environmental-policyETHOS COATINGS & ENGINEERS PVT LTD is committed to achieve the highest practical standards of health, safety and environmental protection in all spheres of its operations. This concept is at the heart of the company’s philosophy.

ETHOS COATINGS & ENGINEERS PVT LTD management actively encourages the implementation and continuing review of safety standards. It is ETHOS COATINGS & ENGINEERS PVT LTD belief that good Health, Safety and environmental protection procedures can and should also improve construction in terms of both efficiency and value.

ETHOS COATINGS & ENGINEERS PVT LTD also considers Health, Safety, Security and social being of its employees, subcontractors and others who may be affected by its activities or by its
environmental impact to be of primary importance to the success of the project we execute.

It is ETHOS COATINGS & ENGINEERS PVT LTD belief that all work related incidents and ill health can be prevented. ETHOS COATINGS & ENGINEERS PVT LTD aims to eliminate all unnecessary and unacceptable risks from the work environment and reduce all remaining risks to a tolerable level. The correct way to do any job is safe way and the company undertakes to ensure that all staff are provided with the resources they need to carry out every job safely.


Undertake all operations in accordance with current legislation and other regulatory requirements with the aim of continually improving the system and working conditions

Ensure that our specific aims, objectives and targets are communicated and met, and shall ensure that the policy is communicated to all employees and other interested parties if required

Attain our Company objectives through the development of a comprehensive health and safety management system in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2007. This system is implemented, maintained and audited to bring about continual improvement in health and safety performance Management will formally review the health and safety management system not less than twice per year